VITA INFINITA is searching for a team member - talented frontend developer.

Frontend skills
- understanding of full web stack
- comprehensive knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3 
- responsive design and media queries
- solid understanding of JavaScript, and its good parts
- design patterns, jQuery and MVC principles
- experience with Canvas animation, basic understanding of the principles (transformation matrices, rendering pipeline)
- experience with SASS/LESS

We would be more than certain if you 
- are good at maths 
- have experience with EmberJS or want to work with
- have exprerience with require.js 
- like cutting edge technologies 
- know what is the difference between SocketIO and EngineIO

Personal skills
- good communication skills in English and good teamwork
- preferably Budapest/Bratislava/Vienna based
- openness, reliability, stamina & positive thinking
- will & enthusiasm to learn & improve

It’s an unique offer, so don‘t hesitate too much
& Send Your short CV, awesome Portfolio & honest motivation email to: